The homeowners decided to move across town to a neighborhood that was more central, family oriented and community focused. Walkability was important, as were large lots, mature trees and a wealth of bike paths. The 1950’s house they chose had a solid foundation and the layout proved functional but the home desperately needed a serious makeover.

The original interior was dark. More natural light was added by raising the north/south-facing roof to make space for operable clerestory windows. Northern light now enhances the main living areas while the roof’s south overhang shades the large windows offering glare-free views of the pool from in the kitchen and dining room. The roof is also the perfect orientation for the 6.72 kW solar PV array. Strategic interior LED lighting reduced the amount of fixtures needed and helps contribute to the home’s energy efficiency.

A grandfathered duplex designation allowed an attached accessory dwelling. The owners were able to live in the smaller side while they remodeled the main house and ultimately, create more living space for visiting family and short-term rentals.

9 square studio
Nana Kim

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Joel Rodriguez

Curtis Hausmann

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