A modest 1,200 sq. ft. older home with one bathroom gets more space and a second bathroom for a family of four in a separate backyard addition. Steel piers and a reclaimed shipping container that provides extra storage create the foundation for this 550 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment/office. Both work space and comfortable place for guests,  this modern abode may provide income for the family if rented and is a welcome solution to the single bathroom early morning traffic jam in the main house.

The new treehouse-like dwelling is filled with natural light protected by deep overhangs and interior shades, good natural ventilation and a small mini-split HVAC system. The roof is solar ready, and a rainwater catchment system is in place for the family garden. Below the apartment, the owners charge their electric vehicle in the flexible carport/outdoor entertaining area.

The owners love how this solution helped them stay in a neighborhood with its easy access to schools and shopping via a dedicated bike lane on their street.

Studio Momentum Design Build
Travis G. Young, AIA

Floyd Crawford - Steel Fabrication & Welding
Floyd Crawford

DYC Windows and Doors
Walt Williamson

BMC - Building Materials
Ron Hickman

Made in the Shade – Austin Lake Area
Matt and Kelli Houston

Austin Energy Program Participant
5-star Austin Energy Green Building rating
Power Partner Thermostat