One of the sustainable features of this new two-story home is a 300 sq. ft. accessory dwelling that maximizes the potential of the urban site. Affordable housing is provided for a full-time tenant and additional income is generated for the main household. This close-to-downtown neighborhood is conducive to denser infill design and is located near mass transit as well as many Rosewood neighborhood amenities.

The corner lot opened up many design possibilities. The front door is oriented north to East 13th Street and the house stretches down Alamo Street with east facing windows providing morning light to the interior. Natural lighting keeps both floors of the main house bright and airy, reducing the need to use artificial lighting during the day. Properly sized roof overhangs minimize direct sunlight and heat gain. The windows, combined with a large screened porch, make this modestly-sized home seem larger than its 1,900 square feet.

The benefits of site-oriented design, appropriate building materials and insulation for the hot and humid Central Texas climate, along with the installation of 10kW of solar PV, rewards the owner with low to no cost electricity. In the 18 months of home occupancy, the highest energy bill for both the main house and the accessory dwelling combined was $15.

Strong Roots Development
Eddie Thomas and Jonathan Clow

1 Sun Solutions
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Zach Herigodt
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Cool Insulation Company
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Green Energy Money
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Austin Energy Program Participant
5-Star Austin Energy Green Building rating
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