The collaboration of homeowner, architect and contractor played a major role in the success of this new house nestled on a steep hill in an historic urban neighborhood.  Together the team combined creativity and standard materials to fit the budget while achieving goals of sustainability, livability and beauty. The result is a resource-wise contemporary home replacing an outdated inefficient structure.

Strategic orientation, overhangs, porches and a huge preserved tree in the front yard create shade from the hot Texas summer sun. An efficient thermal envelope and HVAC system combined with cross-ventilation help reduce energy use. The southwest-facing front windows have motorized solar screens to reduce heat and glare and increase privacy. Varied window sizing and placement reduce the need for daytime lighting, and 90% of interior lighting is from LED bulbs. The screened porch on the main floor and balcony on the second floor provide ample space for outdoor living.

Planning also included universal design features that will help the owners age in place. Curbless showers on the first floor, grab bars, lever-style door handles and wide openings ensure that the home will be comfortable long into the future.

Restructure Studio
Carina Coel

IDM Builders
David Morgan

Silver’s Electric
Silvestre Serna

Lights Fantastic
Bob Contos

Renaissance Windows & Doors
Chris Allen

Austin Energy Program Participant
5-star Austin Energy Green Building rating
Power Partner Thermostat